Our Goals

Being a Fiscal Sponsor

Often on the left, organizations and groups may not have the size and scope to justify incorporation and obtaining a tax exemption. As a result, they can run into difficulties with staying in compliance with the IRS while fundraising. The Foundation seeks to help alleviate this issue by partnering with organizations to take both compliance concerns and administrative loads off of smaller groups.

Volunteer Networking

Usually, if a need is seen by one person, it’s been seen by others as well. Many folks will frequently find themselves repeating work another group is already doing. Through our partnerships with other organizations and groups, we hope to be able to reduce that duplicate work by putting folks in touch with each other to foster collaboration and cooperation.

Project Assistance & Fundraising

Beyond simply providing fiscal sponsorship in the form of administrative assistance, the Foundation also is working towards providing volunteer, technical, and fundraising aid to individual projects. Our goals include linking up volunteers involved in other mutual aid efforts with new projects, providing technical know-how for relevant set up or legal processes, and providing lower fee fundraising directly through the Foundation’s donor platform.

Building Inclusive Communities

Perhaps the most ambitious goal of the Foundation is to begin work on the planning and development of low-cost houses, at first to be located in Wichita, Kansas. It is the intent of the Foundation to make these homes available to at-risk queer folks at substantially lower-than-market rates, to both provide housing security and a safe place to live and work. We believe that, by providing queer folks with the safety and stability of a community wherein they are not at risk of eviction by discriminatory landlords, as well as having a place to call their own and make a home as they see fit, this can be the foundation upon which greater community support systems can be built.