Core Values

The Foundation is organized to help preserve and promote the common vision of communities that support themselves and one another through a queer and intersectional lens. It exists to provide opportunities to individuals, groups, and organizations to conduct mutual aid, charity, and educational efforts in line with the core values of the Foundation. The Foundation supports and fights for a future free of the systemic bigotry and violent systems that plague many in their day-to-day lives, and works to build a better future by supporting and promoting projects that not only give to but sustain and enhance their communities. The principal areas of concern for the Foundation are queer issues as they relate to housing, the workplace, health, and the intersections of all inbetween.

Mission statement from Article 2 of the Foundation Bylaws

Queer Advocacy and Intersectionality

  1. The foundational value of the FCL is the notion that queer rights are one of the fundamental rights to a functioning society, and exists at the nexus point of many intersecting struggles against systemic bigotry and exploitation. 
  2. The philosophies of queer feminism and queer socialism provide a more complete perspective on the world and the events therein.
  3. The struggle for queer liberation is a fundamentally intersectional struggle; queer BIPOC communities have participated in the queer community since its inception and continue to be disporportionantly discriminated against in access to resources provided to other queer folks.
  4. The longstanding effects of settler-colonialism in North America have eradicated countless cultures and enforced regressive gender politics on Indigenous nations and peoples.
  5. Misogyny and transmisogyny are found throughout many queer communities, perpetuating harmful notions and stereotypes while simultaneously burdening women and femme-presenting individuals with work often viewed as domestic.
  6. The effects of queer repression and alienation in the modern day are evidenced in lower access to healthcare, to housing, to workplace guarantees, and to basic legal guarantees for equal treatment.
  7. The FCL rejects these harmful modes of oppression and works to build a world where they can be successfully abolished.

Mutual Aid, Charity, and Affiliation

  1. The FCL recognizes a distinction between mutual aid and charity: that charity will stop a bleed but mutual aid will heal the wound. 
  2. The FCL is fundamentally a mutual aid organization that works to support systems of volunteers and institutions that provide lasting, meaningful aid to the communities under its aegis. 
  3. Charity can and does serve a role to provide immediate relief to the symptoms of a problem, but cannot fix the systemic issues that made those symptoms appear in the first place.
  4. It is a goal of the FCL to foster and nurture the development of processes, networks, and communities independent of the existing structures of the state, to ensure that aid and assistance can be rendered regardless of state support.
  5. In building its affiliate network and partner organizations, the FCL must and will be ever vigilant to ensure that its partners uphold its values, and that they represent the inclusive and just future the FCL works towards.